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Can you help us create lasting memories?

If you are a parent you can complete a wish application for your child. Wish application can also be made by healthcare professionals, teachers, social workers or the children themselves.


Kaira is 9 years old, however her childhood has been shadowed by her mother chronic illness. Sadly, her mum Annette, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in Oct 2010 and that was when everything changed.

Nicky and Sophie

Sophie is 10 years old and her younger brother Nicky is 8. Unfortunately, their mum is battling breast cancer and this has made family life very difficult for the children.

Declan and Ciaron

Declan and Ciaron live at home with their mum Kate who suffers from several life altering conditions including Fybromyalgia, Inflamatory bowel disease, depression and anxiety.


Oghenemine is 9 years old, unfortunately she has had a difficult year as her mother has been in hospital for the past 14 months suffering from Lance Adam Syndrome.


Maisie is a bright, friendly happy three year old who is sure to bring smiles to everyone she meets. This wonderful little girl however has one important wish.


Jaion is 7 years old, he is a shining star to all he meets, he has a simple wish to go on an aeroplane and play in the sand with his mum.


Gabrielle & Ellie

These beautiful girls live with their mum and dad. They don’t get out much or get to go on holiday like most children do. They get involved with the house chores and shopping and often forget how to be children.


Chloe is 10 years old and lives with her mum who suffers from Fibromyalgia, and ME which have such a huge impact on the whole family. Chloe is always there to help her mum and has such a lovely smile towards life.

Ava and her Siblings

Ava is three years old and lives with her three siblings Lottie, Ellis and baby Hartley. These wonderful children are a real joy to their family and all help to bring so many smiles and laughter to the house.


Scott is 17 years old and a very special case. We have decided to take on his wish request despite the fact that either mum or dad is battling a chronic condition – which is one of our eligibility criteria.


Carter is 2 years old and lives with his big sister Casey, but in his short life he has experienced the hardship that comes along with a parent battling a chronic illness.


Max and Owen

Max and Owen are polite, caring and respectful children. Like most young boys, they love nothing more than to play football. However, unlike kids their age, they have far too many responsibilities at home .


Kayden is seven years old and has been diagnosed with autism and ADHD. Kayden would love to assist on an ambulance; he carries a first aid bag with him wherever he goes, and he is also familiar with CPR and the distinction between CPR for a baby and an adult.

He is also obsessed with trains and aspires to be a conductor just for a day. We would love to make his dreams a reality.

Grant George's wish


 George is now 8 years old, but when he was 6 years old, he was diagnosed with complete DiGeorge syndrome, a devastating hereditary health disorder in which people lack all T cells. Without treatments, some children with full DiGeorge syndrome have a two- to three-year life expectancy.

Please help us in making this child’s wish come true by donating to the purchase of a puppy

We grant special wishes to children between the ages of 2-16 with the hope of putting a smile back on their faces and creating beautiful memories. If you would like to apply for a wish, please read our terms and conditions, complete our online form and one of us will get back to you soon. 

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