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Grant A Smile© has roots in London, where Joyce first envisioned the support network project working to support vulnerable people, to allow them to breathe and smile again.

Grant A Smile© has put steps in place for many families, to help them to pause, breathe – and carry on again with the knowledge that they are not alone. Even for us to lift away the pressure momentarily is enough to give them the space to see that the world is there for them.

Each family has differing needs, each country has different support systems – our work is tailored to meet those needs, and to work within those systems. We aim to bring stability to families who are at risk of collapse, to bring skills and talents to the fore to help them mark their own pathway, to be able to achieve their own visions.

Having spread across a national support network, the vision has now moved to an international stage.

Grant A Smile© are working in Myanmar with a humanitarian approach to the support we can provide – we aim to deliver skills to empower the most vulnerable families to be the best that they can be in a difficult world made more challenging by their personal situations, let alone changing international perspectives.

Within Yangon, we co-ordinate a monthly outreach programme with food and healthcare packages, clothes, toys, stationaries, basic household items and more. Everything that is needed to make every single day a little easier. We use our donations to support this – everything we receive as a social enterprise is channelled to those who need it most. The expat community in Yangon is hugely supportive and we could not achieve as much as we do without them.

As Joyce has a background in education, our focus is very much aimed at providing education and skills to allow people to flourish, to help with income levels and development. Our approach is vastly different to others – Grant A Smile© pay the teachers directly, so every penny raised goes straight to the source of change. The teachers provide progress reports and are subject to checks to ensure that they are meeting the needs in the best way possible.

We also arrange teachers who can provide education in English, Maths and Science – the foundation, functional skills that are needed to progress and succeed. We have classes for women that are tailored for them, including hygiene, family planning and parenting skills. We want to provide a platform for change, not a temporary fix that is ineffective in three months’ time.

Grant A Smile© help people for the long haul, not the short trip.

At Grant A Smile, our core fundamental vision is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable families in society. We work with many families all over England and are pleased to announce we have recently spread our support efforts to the most vulnerable across the world.

We believe in providing the stepping stones to help lift broken spirits, improve quality of life, mental health and overall well-being of the families we serve.

We understand that the need and requirements of vulnerable families vary, pending the economic and social climate of the country and that is why we have tailored our support to ensure the work we do makes a huge impact, brings growth and stability to each and every family we reach out to. Our humanitarian approach and strategies are simple yet effective. Our work is action led and result driven and that is how we get the job done.

“Whoever saves one life, saves the whole entire” Thomas Keneally.

Grant A Smile

Project Maymar

We have had fantastic support from the public which has made it possible for us to spread our support internationally. The vision is to grant as many smiles to families living in despicable conditions in selected countries around the world. Whilst our work in the UK continues to grow as strongly as ever, we are also thankful to be able to expand our work to people living on the edge across the seas.

We are overwhelmed with the support we have already received for our international project and with the funds raised from our continuous appeals, we are working tirelessly to improve lives we can reach here in Myanmar.

We can improve the lives of the unsung heroes - the children and really make a difference to their future. Our testimonies and feedback from the families we support in the UK clearly shows that we are truly changing lives and we are so pleased that we can now spread our reach and uplift families from other communities across the globe. We can't save the world, but we can make a change and impact lives in the smallest possible way that we can. Join us today!

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