Aftercare Intervention


At Grant A Smile Aftercare, our core understanding is that hoarding behaviours are often the result of traumatic experiences during the formative years or adulthood, leading to a diminished quality of life. We are sensitive to the complex emotions of embarrassment, shame, loneliness, and social isolation that accompany hoarding.

Through our extensive experience, we’ve seen firsthand how hoarding can engulf a person’s living space and drastically affect their ability to sustain healthy personal and familial ties.

Aftercare Intervention

Our Mission

We acknowledge that adverse experiences, be they from childhood or later stages in life, can culminate in enduring emotional distress that hinders effective decision-making and productivity. These overwhelming emotions can cloud a hoarder’s perception of their reality, often leaving their living conditions dire and unsafe.

Our Services

Tailored Approach to Complex Needs:

Our team is grounded in a systemic trauma-informed approach, which is the cornerstone of our comprehensive family interventions. This approach aims for a sustainable transformation and enhanced safeguarding for adults and children affected by the trauma of hoarding. Our Aftercare services are provided by seasoned professionals skilled in delivering impactful hoarding therapy sessions with expert therapists, encompassing a broad spectrum of interventions from early help and statutory family support to voluntary therapeutic services.

Aftercare Intervention

Reflective Journey Towards Understanding and Recovery:

We create a nurturing environment for individuals and families to embark on a reflective journey, addressing the neglectful behaviours linked to hoarding. Our methodology includes the use of the ‘Cycle of Change’ model to facilitate a deeper understanding of hoarding’s detrimental effects and associated risks.

Our Model

The intervention emphasises individual and family support, promoting engagement, trust, and respect through a non-judgmental, strength-based, person-centered approach.

Aftercare Intervention

Our Promise

We will promote more robust safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children, strengthen and support statutory plans, hospital discharge plans, reduce risk of children becoming Looked After whilst giving hope to commissioners and service users that change is achievable and sustainable.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to aid service users in identifying the root causes of their anxiety, developing effective coping strategies, and addressing harmful behaviours directly. This process aims to lessen risks, enhance resilience, and connect individuals with community services for ongoing support.

Aftercare Intervention

Connect and Transform with Us

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