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Grant A Smile© aims to give tangible, personalised support to parents, children, relatives, and carers of those fighting a difficult battle. From a free-of-charge home clean, to helping with dreams and wishes, we have an amazingly simple mission – to put the smiles back where they belong.

Living in an environment of pain, uncertainty, mental and physical challenge should not define a child – or an adult. We want to be the hand that reaches out to offer a completely non-judgemental support service where it is most needed.

Grant A Smile© believe we can be the “right time, right place” organisation to offer the “sunlight through the clouds” moment – when it’s needed most, to the people who need it most. We support Social Services to help families stay together by finding a way to grow their own abilities. We can be hands on, we can be a listening ear, we can be a couple of hours of cleaning just to get back on top of the mountain again. We understand that sometimes, it’s the little things that give you a chance to breathe once more.

Along with our cleaning support service, we can help declutter a home and we offer a domestic cleaning service – and a commercial cleaning service too.

We have recently extended our support on an international basis, seeking out those who need us and making our services available to as many as possible. We are a socially aware organisation that offers a variety of life-enabling services. Running workshops, events and arranging direct support, we help to lift the pressure and worry for those who struggle. We aim to enable our targeted children through delivery of skills and self-confidence so that they can reclaim their own hopes and dreams – their own future.

Grant A Smile© understand that support is not a “one-off” solution – it needs to be in place for more than a day. Our goal is to build a support mechanism for families, to allow them to define their own needs and create their own skillsets. We want to provide an ongoing level of care to allow children and their families to find their own wings – and their smiles.

Who we are

Grant A Smile© is a non-profit intervention support service, working alongside parents/guardians battling chronic conditions across the UK. We also work internationally with families in poverty, supporting them with basic food and health supplies and sponsoring learning opportunities for children. Along with our chronic illness support, our volunteers can help with shopping, gardening and we offer extreme cleaning services.

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At Grant A Smile© we go that extra mile to support families who are drained by the emotional, physical and mental struggle of being ill. Often social services are the ONLY option for many families and we want to be able to create another safe place where parents and children can turn to without the fear of being separated.

Childhood is supposed to be one of the happiest and most important times in a young person’s life. Therefore, it shouldn’t be about parent’s illness, pain, and hospital visits.

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