Our Story

Our Story

Parents or caregivers should not be punished for being unwell; hence, we work with social services to ensure children are not separated from their parents as a result of a messy home. They require practical intervention at home because there is a clear distinction between a child at risk and a child in need.

Most behavioural issues and mental health episodes that children experience will undoubtedly be resolved when parents are first offered an intervention at home.

Our founder, Joyce Obaseki BEM, was a secondary school senior teacher for almost two decades. During that time, she came into daily contact with children who were struggling to deal with life outside of the classroom. Home was not the secure and supportive haven that many assume it is. Parents with life-challenging, life-threatening illnesses reverse the role of a caregiver—the child assumes a heavy responsibility, often not recognised by social services.

Joyce noticed that these children would turn up to school with poor personal hygiene. Some would show up to school on a Monday morning in dirty uniforms or forget to even brush their teeth. Often, they were bullied and targeted by other children. As a result, the victim would become isolated, and fail to achieve their full potential.

Joyce understood that these children were not at risk or abused—they were struggling to support those they loved. They were not equipped to fight their daily home struggles and needed practical home support, especially as their primary caregiver is ill.

Often social services are the ONLY option for many families and we want to be able to create another safe place where parents and children can turn to without the fear of being separated.

Taking on the task of working with these children, Joyce realised that some of their needs were simple and could be met. She offered her own time and resources to help with deep cleaning, decluttering on a non-judgmental and no cost basis. Unfortunately, some of the parents were too embarrassed to accept the offer.

Joyce set out to find a charity or support organisation that could provide practical home support to vulnerable families on a regular basis, but sadly, none existed.

Frustrated by the system and lack of intervention support, Joyce took a risk and resigned from her job to establish Grant A Smile CIC. Her goal was simple: to provide a cleaning service for people recovering from a mental or physical illness, as well as to assist child carers who were stifling their own dreams and potential.

If children are the future, Joyce believed that we needed to invest in building a great future, even for the most vulnerable children. Children’s mental health and overall well-being lead to a brighter future. Without some order being restored to their homes, it was impossible for these children to strive and achieve their full potential.

Since setting up, we have won 33 prestigious awards, these include: The Queen’s Award For Voluntary Service (MBE), British Empire Medal, Police Fire And Crime Essex Commissioner Safety Award, People’s Choice Award – Essex, British Citizen Award, Epping Forest Mental Health and Wellbeing Award, Pride of Africa UK Award, Lift Effects and Meghan Markle Awards.

We might not be able to answer some questions about life and why terrible things happen, but at Grant A Smile©, we can help improve your overall quality of life.

Help us in our mission to impact more lives through our cleaning services, wellbeing programs and community building events.

To support the children and the parents to live their best lives, with the best opportunities, to realise their potential and exceed their aspirations.

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