What we do

What we do

At Grant A Smile, we take a two-fold approach to helping families who are in need of our support. Think of us as a helping hand in difficult times. It takes one person to change the world – and it starts with you granting a smile to a stranger.

We have recently expanded our reach to help worldwide.

In the UK we give the gift of a clean home to parents/carers who are fighting chronic medical conditions, and go beyond and above to grant very special wishes to these children who are often overlooked in their parents’ plight.

In Myanmar, we have supported over 30 families with the essential food and cleaning supplies and helped to fund school places for children.

All with the hope of putting a smile of drained faces, educate and improve lives.

If you are interested in our services of either free home cleaning or granting wishes to children, then please do get in touch.

You can also volunteer to help us deliver our much-needed services, or you can donate.

You can also use our skills to engage experts for a domestic cleaning service, and a commercial cleaning service, to help us fund our services. We are a not-for-profit organisation. You help will be greatly appreciated.

For Children

We grant special wishes to young children from ages 2 – 18, in order to help put a smile back on their faces and create beautiful and lasting memories. Wishes, however big or small they may be, we want to be able to make any child’s dream come true.

We organise an annual independent life skills/coaching children’s workshop. Children will be taught various skills that may help them prepare better for the future i.e. arts & craft, social media, mindsets, cooking, entrepreneurship, baking, hairdressing and of course some fun and games.

You can help support our vital work to help children by either making a donation, becoming a volunteer or using our domestic or commercial cleaning service.

For Parents

Ensure that sick and vulnerable parents know they are not alone. We will be there to listen and be someone to count on when it comes to providing support with the daily struggles of running the home.

Provide germ- and clutter-free homes for parents battling illnesses, removing the stress associated with cleaning and thereby easing the load for parents & children. Parents tell us exactly what they need help with at home and we organise an appropriate time for a helper or local cleaning company to go over to their home.

We can offer intervention support in a number of ways.

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