You’ve seen them on the television – those teams of dedicated, professional cleaners who find no task too daunting, no problem too large. That’s Grant A Smile. A superstar-packed team of trained, insured and checked cleaners who are willing to take on any task you choose to throw at us.

We understand. We really do – it’s what we do best. When everything gets to be too much, when the pressure won’t let up and you need some order in your life to help you refocus – we are the specialists you need. Our recovery cleaning experts are highly trained, fully checked and totally reliable. They use eco-friendly cleaning resources and they represent Grant A Smile as our ambassadors. We go beyond the concept of ‘The Cleaning Lady’ – we are ‘The Total Cleaning Experts’.

Working with families under pressure, with mental and physical health challenges, and those with terminal illnesses, our ethos is one of understanding. That approach shines through with all of our staff. 100% of all of our profits are invested in the support that we provide.

If you need a free home cleaning service because you, or someone you know, has a chronic illness or simply needs our help, then please get in touch.

The Grant A Smile team also offer hoarding cleaning services and can help declutter a home – and hoard disposal.

Family Intervention & Hospital Recovery Cleaning Services

We understand the pressure you are under – we’ve seen some of the worst property cleaning cases and dealt with them.  Grant A Smile will carry out recovery cleaning for you, taking away the stress of wondering how you can get better when your home is not in order.

We work with local authorities and hospitals and will undertake home cleans where patients have been in hospital for a while and they need to return to a clean home to help their recovery journey.  Have you neglected your home due to ill health, work or family crisis? We will clean up to help families who could do with a fresh start.  We are all about letting your home breathe again.

Pause. Take a breath. Call us. Grant A Smile will quote you for a recovery clean that will take the stress away and give you one less thing to worry about.

Cleaning before and after

Hoard & Decluttering Cleaning Services

We understand the physical and the emotional difficulty involved in hoard removal. It can be challenging for all and often requires more than just a process of cleaning and clearing. Grant A Smile are experts in helping to manage a painful process – it’s what we do best.

Our expert teams are patient and sensitive and they understand how to ensure a positive result in these demanding situations.

Has the clutter crept up on you? Do you have more ‘stuff’ than storage space? We understand how this can be stressful and sometimes be overwhelming – and we can help you. Grant A Smile can work through clearance and storage solutions to help you regain control of your home and your life. 

Our friendly team has lots of experience in offering cleaning help for hoarders and helping people declutter their home. Contact us at Grant A Smile to find out what we can do for you.

Booking our services means we can continue to support families battling chronic, mental and terminal health conditions in your community.

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