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 "It takes a village to raise a child". By being there for sick and vulnerable parents, we magically uplift and empower them to live to fight another day

How can you help?

We are a non-profit organisation, and therefore any donations we receive will go towards our efforts in improving the lives of both the children and the parents. You will help us grant a smile to families who need something to smile about.  If you believe in our mission, then feel free to donate to our cause and help us to help others.

We are extremely grateful to anyone who is kind enough to share our mission to the world. Share! 


Without people, we would only be a mere idea.

If you enjoy making others happy, and interested in helping parents battling threatening conditions or terminally ill, you can volunteer your time with us as a helper/smile hero.

Our Smile Heroes are a core part of our organisation - Find out more about joining us today!


It takes one person to change the world and it starts with you granting a smile to a family today.

 If you believe in our mission and feel that parents suffering can truly benefit from our practical approach to easing their pain then please donate to our cause so we can reach more families. 


Grant Wishes

Creates magical memories a child will never forget and helping to add to the child’s quality of life.

  • Allows a form of escape from everyday reality.
  • Fills children with a sense of hope and strong sense of well-being
  • Gives them confidence, motivation and an overall energy boost.

 We Also accept non - monetary donations

Cleaning products - storage units - homeware - clothes - toys- gardening equipment

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