Decluttering & Cleaning

Our sensitive and non-judgemental specialists makes even the most chaotic homes feel safer, welcoming and less cluttered. We help those with complex mental health conditions make positive changes to their living space.


Trauma-informed aftercare support

Our systematic approach to hoarding has been developed to further cement positive changes made by the families we help. We care more about your recovery journey and overall well-being. 

Our clients are empowered to engage in discussions about making smart choices and encouraged to appreciate the key role they play in breaking the cycle of hoarding. 

Hospital Discharge

When a patient’s home poses an infection risk, the home environment may impede recuperation, making discharge unsafe. That’s where we can help.

We work with NHS colleagues and hospital discharge teams in Essex Hospitals to make sure the home is clean, re-organised and sanitised for the patient’s safe return.


We can offer intervention support in a number of ways.

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