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"I would love to family holiday somewhere hot"

Scott is 17 years old and a very special case. We have decided to take on his wish request despite the fact that either mum or dad is battling a chronic condition - which is one of our eligibility criteria. However, when Scott's mum shared their daily struggles and the impact Scott's battles has on the entire family, we had no choice but to do our best to help grant this wish. Scott's and his family truly deserves a memorable break together - we need your help!

Scott lives at home with his two younger brothers Zach and Ben. Scott was diagnosed with T Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Christmas Eve of 2013. Although Scott has now finished his chemotherapy since last year and for the moment is in remission, he is battling a very rare form of Chronic Liver Disease, which he was diagnosed with during the Leukemia but not associated with the Cancer. The Doctor says he will need a transplant and so far the waiting game continues for Scott and his family.

Scott is struggling not only with the lasting physical effects of his illness but also with his mental health. He is chronically depressed and often says he has nothing good in the world to focus on or look forward to. He is currently in a dark place and very negative about life. This is why granting this wish will mean the world to Scott and most importantly, this will give the whole family something positive to focus on and look forward to. It will be a rare opportunity to just relax and share happy family memories that will last a lifetime.

Scott's health has left this family in turmoil and causes a lot of frustration and upset for the younger brothers, we would very much love to give all three boys a chance to see the good in the world and take something positive from the years of illness that have surrounded their childhood. After all, a child's life shouldn't be all about sickness, pain and crisis situations. They truly deserve some lasting smile.

Please find it in your health to help us grant this very special wish today.

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