Sophie and Nicky

Family Holiday to Spain:  Target = £2500


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“We would love to go on a family holiday!”

Sophie is 10 years old and her younger brother Nicky is 8. Unfortuantely, their mum is battling breast cancer and this has made family life very difficult for the children. Going through grueling chemotherapy treatments, endless hospital visits and uncertainty haven’t been easy for this famiy but through this difficut times, these two unsung heroes – children, have managed to stay positive and tries very hard to keep a smile on their mum’s draining face. 
Sophie is a clever girl and works really hard at school. Nicky, on the other hand, loves football and has the most amazing smile on his face at all times.
This amazing family really have had to deal with things no young family should experience. It is fair to say that countless hospital appointments and worry dominates their thoughts.
We would love to be able to give them something positive to look forward to and to create lasting memories and space where they can just relax together without the usual worries that their current daily life brings.
Help grant this very special wishe and show these children that they are not alone – the world does care! 
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