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“I’d love to go on an aeroplane and play in the sand”

Jaion is 7 years old, he is a shining star to all he meets, he has a simple wish to go on an aeroplane and play in the sand with his mum.

Jaion is an unsung hero who constantly brightens his mums day, he himself has learning difficulties, sensory processing disorder, socialisation and communication difficulties which add to the struggles this lovely family faces each and every day. Though everyday life can be tough for his family, this little man is always happy and has his a way of lifting everyone’s spirit when we feel low sometimes. Jaion’s mum says: ”He loves to sit and watch the aeroplanes fly through the sky and it would be a dream come true to be able to give him the experience of travelling on one himself”

Jaion, like most little boys, loves to play, he loves fish watching, running through sand and finding fake shells – this really would mean the world to this family and give them something positive to look forward too and look back on with the biggest smiles.

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