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Thank you – because of your donations directly to our  Myanmar appeal we have been able to improve lives.

The forgotten people of Myanmar have struggles many of us simply can not imagine or understand, they face daily challenges and difficulties, they have limited water and food and almost no access to healthcare or education.

We heard about the need to empower and uplift this community and after our first successful facebook appeal, we raised enough funds to deliver food parcels and basic living essentials to these desperate and vulnerable people in Myanmar. We didn’t stop there, we decided to continue this mission by arranging regular outreach visits and this experience has been life-changing for our volunteers and the families we serve.

With your help, we are working with these families to provide them with food, clothes, household items, medicine and whatever will help improve their quality of life. The biggest need and support of all will be to educate and empower the children and women. We are now proudly supporting over 200 families in this community, providing them with food parcels, donated items, sponsoring the children’s tuitions fees and using some of our volunteers to educate the children. Education is power and that is the height of what we want to do here.

Alongside the food packages we have sponsored these two amazing girls and paid for their school fees so they can go into education, and look positivly towards the future.

Granting the gift of education is an amazing thing for these two girls, their love for learning shines from their smiles, they understand the importance of education and how it can help them improve their lives for themselves and their families, these girls are so thankful and humble and it makes us increasingly proud to watch them progress and flourish.

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