Supporting Families and Granting Smiles

Grant a Smile founder, Joyce was a former teacher who saw first-hand how the lives of children and their families were affected when a parent was ill. Their ‘normal’ childhood experiences of school, play and extra-curricular activities drastically changed because they had to support their parents.

Grant A Smile is an intervention support service set up to offer a free cleaning service to families battling serious illness and at the same time, granting very special wishes to their children. We strongly believe to have a clean house is to have your life in order!

“Grant A Smile is absolutely doing important work with families at what can be a hugely distressing and traumatic time for them. Without the preventative intervention that Grant A Smile provides, I would imagine that the impact of these traumatic experiences (Adverse Child Experiences) would almost certainly have long-lasting and far-reaching impact on their mental health, and consequently their physical health, as they continue to grow and develop”

Matt Creamer

Matt Creamer

Senior Policy Health Officer for the Mayor of London

Our Services

Home cleaning for free

Free Home Cleaning

When a home is clean, stress levels are reduced and families are happier. Our wonderful team of volunteers are passionate about helping others and will do your household chores for free. We clean, iron, declutter, take the kids out, do your shopping and gardening so you can focus on recovery.

Family Support

Dealing with a chronic illness can be difficult in so many ways and sometimes you may feel isolated. During our visits, we provide some much-needed conversation and emotional support. 

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Grant a Wish

Granting Wishes for Children

It can be incredibly tough for children of parents/carers with chronic illness.  That is why we aim to grant them a special wish so we can create lasting childhood memories and put a  smile back on their faces.

Office Cleaning

Extreme Cleaning

We professionally clean what others won't clean. We now offer a complete extreme cleaning service together with a hoard disposal and de-cluttering service.  For a competitive quote, our dedicated staff can help you regain your home or workspace back.

Social support

Social Support Network

It often helps to speak to parents and families who are going through the same issues as you are. Our community forum connects you with others in a similar situation so you know you are not alone. 

Children Workshops

Workshops & Events

We run events and workshops geared towards teaching children important life skills, confidence building exercises and social skills. We also organise fun sports, arts, entertainment and independent skill sessions.

Help Grant a Smile Today!

You can help a child create lasting childhood memories by donating towards a child’s wish. Give them something positive to look forward to today! Click here to see all wishes.


"I would love to go to Disneyland"

Thank You!!

Olly Murs granted Teddie's Wish


"I would love to have a family holiday!"

How families qualify for support

Our compassionate volunteers meet with every family for an initial introduction, assessment and consent process. We agree on the services that would help you the most, as well as the days and times most convenient for you. To qualify for our support you must live with your children and show medical evidence of your chronic illness. Although we may sometimes accept an application from families whose children no longer live with them. Each case is different and assessed differently.

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How our support changes lives

Health Benefits

Promotes positive mental and emotional health. They are able to adapt when trying to cope with a parent who has a serious illness. They are less depressed, more thankful and optimistic about the future.

Hope and Happiness

Children experience instant energy boost, have something positive to look forward to, something to share with their parents, siblings and friends. Overall, it creates special childhood memories they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Better Living Conditions

A healthy family means - a happy home, one free from germs and clutter free. When a home is clean and wishes granted, stress levels are reduced and families are happier.

Family Benefits

Families have more time to do other things and be more productive. They are focused on creating happy memories and getting better because they have the support and love they deserve. Poor health can strike at anything and it's great to know that you are not alone.

Money can't buy happiness but it certainly buys time.

Help us continue to give strength and hope to families who deserves to smile in our community. Please see how you can get involved today!

Huge thanks to our partners...

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