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We are proud to announce we have been awarded the Queen's Award For Voluntary Service!

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK to recognise exceptional service within their communities.

Office Cleaning
Decluttering, Organising & Deep Cleaning Service

Our goal is to keep you safe, improve your mental health and overall quality of life.

Granting Wishes for Children

We grant special wishes to children of parents/carers with chronic conditions thereby creating lasting childhood memories. 

Aftercare Intervention Service

Our team employs a comprehensive trauma-informed approach to identify triggers and avoid relapse.

Our Promise

Welcome to Grant A Smile – your trusted partner in transforming lives through trauma-informed decluttering and deep cleaning services.

Our unique mission is centered around fostering healing for individuals grappling with chronic illnesses and mental health challenges, often evidenced by clutter accumulation, which significantly detracts from one’s quality of life. In a society quick to pass judgment, the stigma associated with clutter and hoarding creates barriers to seeking essential help and support.


Unlike traditional cleaning services that offer temporary fixes with a one-size-fits-all approach, Grant A Smile is dedicated to making lasting changes in the lives of the families we support.

Our focus extends beyond profit; we’re committed to a holistic, systematic strategy aimed at improving your well-being and promoting sustained recovery.


Our comprehensive services are designed with your needs in mind, combining expert hoard cleaning techniques with compassionate, no-judgement, psychotherapeutic and mental health professional aftercare.

We understand the intricate link between physical space and mental health, which is why our team of hoard cleaning specialists and mental health professionals work hand-in-hand to ensure not just a cleaner environment, but a healthier mindset.

Reliability, Honest and Trusthworthy

As a multi-award-winning social enterprise, recognised with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2019 and the Coronation Champions Award in 2023, we set the standard for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our highly trained, empathetic local cleaners are professional and DBS checked, ensuring a service delivered with expertise and integrity.

We offer bespoke, flat-rate services tailored to the complexity of your needs, regardless of the size or condition of the property, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Whether you’re in Essex, London Southeast, Hertfordshire, Kent, Oxford, Doncaster, Dorset, Aylesbury or surrounding areas. Contact us to check.

Choose Grant A Smile for a service that goes beyond cleaning—where every action we take is a step towards your recovery and well-being. Let us help you reclaim your space and your life.

To book our services or learn more, or call us directly at 02036094538. Your journey to a clutter-free, peaceful home starts here.

Our Staff are Experts in Hoarding Cleanup, Psychotherapy, Mental Health and Education - Your Partners in Wellness and Recovery

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