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Manchester United Mascots: Target = £200

Help Grant Max and Owen’s Smile Today!

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“We would love to be Football Mascots”

Max and Owen are polite, caring and respectful children. Like most young boys, they love nothing more than to play football. However, unlike kids their age, they have far too many responsibilities at home and are often the ones caring for their mum who has severe Crohn’s disease, UC, B12 Pernicious Anaemia, Osteoporosis and Arthritis.

Mum Jane told us: “my eldest was registered as a Salford Young carer, both my boys take care of me when I’m very poorly, they help me look after their younger brother, help with cleaning, help me with my medication and they are just incredible with supporting me emotionally.”

We would relish a chance to put the biggest smile on their faces and make a once in a lifetime dream come true. They are both die-hard  Manchester United fans and would love nothing more than to be Mascots at a United game. To these unsung heroes who have put their childhood aside to care for their mum, walking on that pitch would be an everlasting memory; one they would never forget and hopefully they will be able to meet some of the players.

Please help us reward these two fantastic boys and help them make memories that will last forever!

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