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Family Holiday:  Target = £3500

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“We would love to go on a family holiday with our mum and dad.”

These beautiful girls live with their mum and dad. They don’t get out much or get to go on holiday like most children do. They get involved with the house chores and shopping and often forget how to be children. The girls are constantly asking their mum and dad for a chance to go on holiday but the answer is often: “We can’t go on holiday at the moment”. Gabrielle who is the 7 years old can’t go out with her friends as Ellie who is 4 will be on her own. In addition, Gabrielle is the one that supports her parents with Ellie. Both mum and dad are ill and the one thing the girls wish for is a chance to go away for a few days and create magical memories with their parents. A place that is wheelchair friendly and can accommodate mum’s needs.

Please help make this wish come true. Create lasting childhood memories for Gabrielle and Ellie. Sponsor their wish today…

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