Fundraisers Terms & Conditions

Fundraisers Terms & Conditions – NOTES FOR ORGANISER

The following notes are designed to assist you in organising your Fundraising activity, to meet the requirements of current legislation when fundraising is concerned and to protect the best interests of both you and Grant A Smile.

1. The event title should state : event name in aid of Grant A Smile.
2. Ensure that your event is organised efficiently and safely. Grant A Smile cannot accept any responsibility for your event nor for anyone who participates in it.
3. The Organiser must ensure and arrange that all relevant permits/releases are obtained for the activity.
4. The Organiser must ensure and arrange that all relevant insurances are provided for the activity (please contact us if you are unsure of the requirements). Grant A Smile reserves the right to inspect any insurance policy that you take out. Grant A Smile cannot be held responsible for any financial or legal action taken by a third party against the Organiser.
5. Grant A Smile name and logo must only be used with prior permission of Grant A Smile and must conform to Trade Mark requirements. Artwork can be supplied upon request. If the Organiser wants to produce any written material to support the activity, he/she must submit proof copies for approval by Grant A Smile, before printing is commenced.
6. If tickets are sold for an event, it is a legal requirement that they are numbered and state the Grant A Smile CIC Registration Number.
7. Grant A Smile reserves the right to establish that all funds are accounted for correctly and in the event that the organisation has any proper grounds for suspecting any misuse or misappropriation of funds, it reserves the right to refer the matter to our Legal Advisor/Police and to take any action as appropriate.
Organisers may wish to establish separate banking arrangements for the receipt of any funds raised or expenses paid, if not paying funds direct to a Grant A Smile account. Grant A Smile can advise on alternatives.
8. Please endeavour to donate the funds you have raised as soon as possible within 4 weeks of your event taking place.
9. Event organisers must be over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please get permission from a guardian, parent or teacher to complete this form.
10. You can build relationships with large retailers who kindly donate to various fundraising events throughout the year. Before you contact any major retailer, please call us to discuss the nature of your request to ensure we do not jeopardise any future donations.
11. Grant A Smile can provide the organiser with promotional material, merchandise and sponsor forms. The organiser is accountable for sale of goods and return of goods and monies raised.
12. It is not the responsibility of Grant A Smile to provide prizes or celebrities for your event.

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