Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

When it’s time to bid goodbye to your rental property, there’s nothing like a spotless, well-maintained space to ensure you recover every penny of your hard-earned deposit. At Grant A Smile, we’re your go-to experts for this crucial task, backed by decades of experience in the art of domestic cleaning.

We are so confident in the quality of our service that we proudly guarantee your satisfaction. If, by any chance, you find yourself less than content, just give us a call and we’ll rush back to rectify the issue at absolutely no additional cost.

Before we commence the cleaning, our friendly Grant A Smile representative will pay a visit to your property. This isn’t just a mere formality, it’s a chance for us to discuss your unique cleaning needs and requirements. It’s a transparent and reassuring way to begin this journey together.

While every Grant A Smile cleaning is tailored to your specific needs, here’s a glimpse of what’s included as standard:

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

Comprehensive Bathroom and Kitchen Cleans: Our experts will leave no surface untouched, ensuring your bathrooms and kitchens are sparkling clean.

Cupboard Fronts Wiped Down: We’ll make sure every nook and cranny is refreshed and ready for inspection.

Beautifully Cleaned Floors: From carpets to hardwood, your floors will look brand new.

Dust-Free Living Spaces: Skirting boards, pictures, lampshades, ornaments, windowsills, and furniture – we’ll give them all the attention they deserve.

All Rooms Vacuumed: We’ll leave no corner unturned, ensuring every inch of your space is pristine.

Paintwork Perfection: Walls, ceilings, and any paintwork in need of a touch-up will receive our expert attention.

If you have any special requests or unique needs, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Grant A Smile is here to accommodate your requirements and make your transition as smooth as possible.

However, please keep in mind a few key details:

Adherence to Instructions: The end-of-tenancy service will be performed exactly in accordance with the instructions you’ve provided during our initial assessment and will be outlined in the estimate.

Third-Party Standards: While we’re confident in our work, please note that Grant A Smile cannot be held responsible if the cleaning doesn’t meet the standards set by a third party, such as your landlord or property management.

Additional Costs: Any extra expenses imposed by a third party, beyond our agreed-upon estimate, are not covered by Grant A Smile.

Payment: To initiate our services, we typically request a minimum deposit of 50%. In some cases, full payment may be required upon booking.

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning
Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

We at Grant A Smile are dedicated to assisting you with all your end-of-tenancy cleaning needs. Connect with Grant A Smile experts through our website.

With Grant A Smile, your journey toward a fresh start in your new space begins with a brilliantly clean exit from your old one. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to make your move a breeze.

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