Our Story

Our Story

Grant A Smile© is an intervention support service seeking to fill the gap in the provision of practical home support for families battling chronic illness and mental health problems. This is a much-needed service outside of hospital set to improve their quality of life.

After almost two decades in the teaching industry, Joyce came into regular contact with children whose parents were either battling chronic illness or life-threatening conditions. She began to notice a pattern with those children. Often these children would turn up to school with poor personal hygiene, worn uniforms and so on. They were usually picked on by other pupils and become victims of childish bullying. As a result, these children were often isolated, performed poorly and had behavioural issues.

Joyce understood that these pupils weren’t at risk, nor were they unhappy but instead were very supportive of their parents. What they needed was practical support at home. They had simply found themselves in challenging circumstances life sometimes throws at us and as a result, their hopes and dreams had diminished before their eyes.

Working with these pupils on a daily basis, Joyce was determined to find a way to provide the practical support and assistance they truly needed. She started to offer her own time to take care of any cleaning, ironing and decluttering that the families might need. However, all too often, these inspiring families refused her help – she was a teacher, not a charity, after all. This experience ultimately opened her eyes to the fact that there are a lot of unsung heroes in children who are heroically getting through daily life despite the challenges of not having the support of their parents due to ill health or other crisis.

In a desperate bid to find a charity or organisation that could step in and help these families in their time of need, Joyce set out to try and find such an organisation. When she was unable to find one, it was at this point Joyce realised something had to change and she needed to take action in order to help the families she knew, and the thousands of others in their position. A lot of the charities out there are focused on granting wishes to seriously ill children - how about granting the wishes of children who are not sick but struggling daily to support their sick parents? Are they heroes or victims?

That is how Grant A Smile© was formed and ever since, the charity has worked long & hard to reach out to heroic parents who, despite their daily struggles, are determined to raise their children on their own.

Do you know a family who would benefit from our support?

Our dedicated 'smile hero' volunteers work tirelessly to provide the gift of clean and clutter-free homes. We don't stop there, we grant special wishes to children whose parents are in need.

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