Max, Daisy & Ivy’s Wish

Adventure Island Day Trip:  Target = £500

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"We would love to visit Adventure Island"

Max, Daisy and Ivy are such brave and inspirational children, Max is 14, Daisy is 12 and little Ivy is 3 years old. These three children have been through such difficult times because their mum was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in August last year and though mum is currently undergoing radiotherapy, mum also suffers from degenerative disc disease and has endured many spinal surgeries and suffers reduced mobility.

Things have been difficult for the whole family, Max and Daisy have been there offering support both practically and emotionally not only to their mum but to Ivy too. Picking up the things their mum cannot do, helping out around the house and caring for their little sister. 

Ivy at just three years old hasn't really any memories of her mum being well and it has been increasingly difficult to make those happy memories which if we can make possible would mean the world and will last a lifetime. Which is why this wish is especially important.

Max and Daisy are kind caring considerate children and will they never ask for anything, their mum really just wants to give them a day to remember, a day filled with happiness and love where they can be together as a family and be as carefree as possible.

We would love for you to offer your support to this amazing family, please donate anything you can and make a dream come true.

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