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Grant A Smile© aims to give tangible, personalised support to parents, children, relatives, and carers of those fighting a difficult battle. From a free-of-charge home clean to helping with dreams and wishes, we have an amazingly simple mission – to put the smiles back where they belong.

Living in an environment of pain, uncertainty, mental and physical challenge should not define a child – or an adult. We want to be the hand that reaches out to offer a completely non-judgemental support service where it is most needed.

We can be the “right time, right place” organisation to offer the “sunlight through the clouds” moment – when it’s needed most, to the people who need it most. We support Social Services to help families stay together by finding a way to grow their own abilities. We can be hands-on, we can be a listening ear, we can be a couple of hours of cleaning just to get back on top of the mountain again. We understand that sometimes, it’s the little things that give you a chance to breathe once more.

We have recently extended our support on an international basis, seeking out those who need us and making our services available to as many as possible. We are a socially aware organisation that offers a variety of life-enabling services. Running workshops, events and arranging direct support, we help to lift the pressure and worry for those who struggle. We aim to enable our targeted children through the delivery of skills and self-confidence so that they can reclaim their own hopes and dreams – their own future.

Grant A Smile© understand that support is not a “one-off” solution – it needs to be in place for more than a day. Our goal is to build a support mechanism for families, to allow them to define their own needs and create their own skillsets. We want to provide an ongoing level of care to allow children and their families to find their own wings – and their smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

South East London, Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire. 

We operate in the UK, Myanmar and Nigeria.

Simply complete our short referral form and one of the admin staff will get back to you. Here is the form: https://www.grantasmile.org.uk/refer-a-family/ 

Or you can call us directly for a telephone referral. Here is the direct referral line: 0203 609 4538

If we have volunteers in the area, it can take up to 72 hours for us to complete the paperwork. It takes longer if we have to partner with other cleaning companies to send cleaners to the house. This usually this could take up to 5 working days. 

We grant very special wishes to the children of the parents we support. Here are examples of some of the wishes we grant: https://www.grantasmile.org.uk/wishes/

By completing the online child wish application form. Here is the link: https://www.grantasmile.org.uk/wish-application/

We can grant wishes for children from 3 to 16 years old

  1. You must live with children under the ages of 0 - 16. 
  2. You must have one or more chronic medical health problems. We will need written evidence from your GP or health officer. 
  3. You must live within our catchment area. If we are unable to reach you, it will be difficult to support extend our support on a regular basis. 
  4. Disabled or chronically ill elderly people who have no support from their children, local council, government or other organisation

No. It is absolutely free. 

Every fortnight or once a month. This is dependent on the availability of the assigned cleaner and the availability of the family they support. This can be arranged between the volunteer, paid cleaner and the family they support. 

Our volunteers are also known as Smile Heroes. To volunteer, you simply complete the expression of interest form on our website and one of us will get back to you. Here is the link to the online form: https://www.grantasmile.org.uk/become-a-smile-hero/

Yes. We are constantly looking for compassionate, dedicated and selfless volunteers to join our mission. We currently have vacancies for the following roles: Cleaners, PR & Marketing, Website Management, Office Admin Support, Fundraising Officer, Grant Officer and Researcher. Simply complete this form to tell us how you would like to support us: https://www.grantasmile.org.uk/become-a-smile-hero/

Yes, we reimburse their transportation fare to and from. They will need to complete an expense form and the payment is made directly to their bank account.

The smooth running of the organisation, including volunteer expense, paying for the paid cleaners for families we can't reach. 

All tax papers are published on HMRC website.

To cancel a sponsorship, you simply give us a months notice and send us an official email notifying us on your intention to cancel.

Our commercial cleaning fees vary according to location, size and workload. The minimal payment for a small business regular office cleaning is £15 per hour.

The minimal contract is one year.

Yes, we do. Contact us for a quote. To book a commercial, hoard disposal, declutter/deep clean or regular domestic cleaning services, follow this link: https://www.grantasmile.org.uk/contact-us/

Essex, Central London, South East London, East London and Kent. 

No. We offer free cleaning only to families battling chronic or terminal health conditions.

No. Our mission internationally are best suited to meet the basic economic and social need of the most vulnerable families in that country. Our humanitarian approach and one mission is to Grant Smiles, however, our work varies from country to country. 

September 2017.


Simply request a refund by contacting us by email at admin@grantasmile.org.uk

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