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Wish to meet Olly Murs:  Target = £200

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"I'd love to meet Olly Murs with my mum!"

Teddi's mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer with a devastating prognosis of just 2 years. Now 12 months have passed since this life-altering news and Teddi and her family are trying to create as many lasting memories as they can together. 

Day to day life has become a huge struggle for Teddi's mum as she is increasingly suffering and Teddi has had to come to terms with her mums condition and what the future holds. For such a young girl the prospect of losing her mum is simply devastating. Yet, Teddi wears a big smile on her face and brings so much joy to her family despite their difficult circumstances.

Teddi is a huge Olly Murs fan and has the wish to meet her idol with her mum at her side, knowing how much this wish means to Teddi and her family and the increasingly shortening timescale we really need your help to make this dream happen.

Teddi has been such a motivating factor in keeping her mum smiling and now her mum would love to put a smile back on her little girl's face. Granting this wish and bringing joy to this amazing little girl's life, for her mum to witness the happiness this will bestow, would truly be something dreams are made of.

Please find it in your heart to help us create lasting memories and give Teddi and her family something positive to look forward to.  thank you!

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