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Abi and Kevin Make a Wish

Family Holiday:  Target = £3600

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"We would love to go on a family holiday somewhere hot"

Abi is 13 and Kevin 8 is years old. They live with their dad and mum and have never gone on any family holiday. Their wish is to go to a sunny holiday destination where they could just relax without the daily chaotic and stressful life associated with chronic illness.

This will be something positive to look forward to as they are always wrapped up in their mum's chronic illness and this takes away the joy of just being children. Having a family holiday will greatly boost their self-esteem, zest for life and show them they deserve a happier life outside their home and that they have not been forgotten in all of this! Help us bring relief, joy and hope to this family.

These children have been through so much and have been amazing. Granting their wish will help create beautiful family memories that they deserve. Please help us make it happen by donating today!

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