Abi and Kevin’s wish has been granted

Abi and Kevin Make a Wish

Abi & Kevin's Family Holiday: Wish Granted!


When we first met Abi and Kevin their mum Frances told us how she had noticed a change in Abi and Kevin after her diagnosis with Lung cancer, it seemed like their childhood had been hindered as a result their mum's illness, hospital appointment and stress with nothing to look forward to.

We set about thinking of a wish which could benefit the whole family and give them something to look forward too whilst giving them a chance to make true happy memories to look back on.

With your help, we have been fundraising to send this family on a relaxing holiday and with the fantastic support of our partners CLC World Resorts and Hotels we have been able to make this dream a reality.

Frances praised our founder, Joyce Obaseki, for doing something absolutely amazing! Recalling the moment the trip was finally confirmed and she could reveal to her family they were actually going to Spain. With tears in her eye,s she explained how In the past it has always been doom and gloom. Stating she could never have afforded this and how this whole experience has made her feel like she was back to her old self again. Having something great to look forward to and plan together with the children has brought positivity back to their lives.  

On the 12th of May, the family, which includes Big brother Jamie, Abi 13, and Kevin 9, set off to Club La Costa, a beautiful resort in Spain, part of the CLC World Resorts and Hotels for a week together in the sun. Arriving in this paradise resort means they were able to truly relax and enjoy some quality family time away from the everyday stresses at home.  

Their days on the resort were spent enjoying downtime together as a family and on one occasion hiring electric scooters at Fuengirola port. “For the first time in a long while, I wasn’t in any pain. The sunshine is definitely helping. The children don’t want to go home." Frances told us.

This holiday has really helped the whole family, Jamie is Frances carer and it’s also meant he’s had the chance for a bit of relaxation aswell which is something he just doesn't often get a chance to do.  Abi and Kevin have been able to relax and enjoy the week with new experiences and memories being made.  

Frances said doing things together as a family in the sunshine had left her with “a massive smile on my face!”  

Thank you to each and everyone of you who helped fundraise and thank you once again to CLC World Resorts and Hotels for providing the accomodation as part of their Charity Partnership.  

We are so thankful that we have been able to grant this family their wish and we know that these memories will have a positive lasting impact on Abi and Kevin's life long into the future.

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