Did you know that 1 in 4 families have a parent fighting a life threatening or terminal illness?



Grant a Smile© is the only social enterprise in the UK set to put a smile on the faces of parents battling chronic medical conditions by offering them the wonderful gift of a squeaky - clean home - free of charge. As well as, granting very special wishes to their children with the hope of turning their sorrows to smiles.

“Our aim is to show that together we can heal the world. A child’s life shouldn’t be all about their parent’s illness, pain and hospital visits. Lending a helping hand to sick parents will most definitely bring them hope and happiness.”

At Grant a Smile© we are fully committed to supporting young people across the UK and we have recently expanded our reach to included families worldwide. Read more about our work here

We do this by helping to promote independent, life skills and self-confidence through our direct support, events and workshops. We aim to reassert a sense of hope in the future for those parents and children who are faced with the daily struggle from ill health or poverty.

By being there for sick parents, we magically uplift and empower them to live to fight another day; we bring them a sense of hope and relief knowing that they are well supported by people who are not friends or families. By making small sacrifices and lending a helping hand to those who need it most, we help heal the world and make it a better place for all of us.

Who we are

Grant A Smile© is a  non-profit intervention support service, working alongside parents/guardians battling chronic conditions across the UK. And working internationally with families in poverty, supporting families with basic food and health supplies and sponsoring schooling for children.

We are situated in London and reach out to those who desperately need our help. We are open to volunteers and grateful to anyone who wants to get involved in helping us spread our mission of helping families in need.

We are a non-profit organisation and therefore any donations we receive will go towards our efforts in improving the lives of both the children and their parents.

Help us grant smiles to families who need something to smile about today! 

grant a smile helping disabled families

If you believe in our mission, then feel free to donate to our cause and help us to help others.

At Grant A Smile© we go that extra mile to support families who are drained by the emotional, physical and mental struggle of being ill. Often social services are the ONLY option for many families and we want to be able to create another safe place where parents and children can turn to without the fear of being separated.

We offer a more personal and caring service that is completely dedicated to improving their quality of life and giving them a stronger sense of well-being.

Seeing parents struggle with their ill-health - children need to know that the world is not a bad place, that together we are stronger and better.

Childhood is supposed to be one of the happiest and most important times in a young person’s life. Therefore, it shouldn’t be about parent’s illness, pain, and hospital visits. 

With the strong desire to create an environment with less pain and more smiles, we are committed to making the world a better place for all of us.

Refer a family

We can offer support in a number of ways...

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