We grant special wishes to children between the ages of 2-18 with the hope of putting a smile back on their faces and creating beautiful memories.


''I would love to meet Ashley Banjo"


''I would love to go to Disneyland"

Declan and Ciaron

''We would love to have a hot tub at home"

Gabrielle & Ellie

''We would love to go on a family holiday"


''I would love to go on an aeroplane"


''I would love to visit sunny Spain"

When a family is battling a chronic condition, the future can be uncertain and this has a huge impact on the whole family.  We grant special wishes to help create wonderful and lasting memories. When we grant a wish, a child will begin to see that impossible is nothing. It gives them and their family the emotional strength they desperately need to fight their condition and hope to face their future – whatever it might hold. Help us make their wish come true - donate today!

We also support parents - offering a range of services from cleaning to friendly support networks  Find out more here


''I wish for a bedroom makeover"

Ava and her Siblings

We would love to visit Peppa Pig World"

Max, Daisy & Ivy

''We would love to go to Adventure Island"

Titibo's Wish has been granted - THANK YOU!!

''I wish to publish my own book!"

Teddi Wish has been granted - THANK YOU!!

''I wish to meet Olly Murs"

Abi & Kevin - Family Holiday

Wish Granted - Thank You!

If you would like to apply for a wish for your own child please fill in our online application form here

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